New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

We are a small group of like-minded New Zealanders that have spent most of our leisure time chasing outdoor adventure. Our core interests are hunting, fishing and golfing but we have sampled most outdoor activities New Zealand has to offer. We spend weekends travelling off the beaten track to fish lesser known streams or to play country golf courses and take in the local attractions. Several times per year we do a road trip hitting our favourite spots along the way to a famous fishing river or premium golf destination.

We often meet overseas visitors at the premium locations we visit. They are usually staying at a five-star fishing or hunting lodge or at a 5-star golf venue. Without fail, they seem to be having a fantastic time, even though it is costing them tens of thousands of dollars to be in that special location. We often feel guilty that we are having the same experience for a tiny fraction of the cost. On several occasions we have hosted or guided those visitors on a return trip.

We eventually came to realise that there are a lot of people like us that love outdoor adventure and would treasure a trip to New Zealand but can’t justify the cost of a grand tour style holiday. It made sense to us that we should share our wealth of knowledge and encourage people to come and enjoy the spectacular scenery, pristine environment and amazing breadth of activities New Zealand has to offer.

This website has been developed as a DIY (Do It Yourself) holiday planning resource for anyone who wants to do it, not dream about it. You don’t have to retire wealthy or win the lottery to put a holiday in New Zealand on your been there done that list instead of your bucket list.

Start organising the trip of a lifetime now!