New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

Corben Turner is an outdoors guide based out of Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand. After finishing studies and travelling extensively, Corben had developed a passion for tourism and exploring the natural world. Realising that New Zealand is an abundant natural playground he set out to establish himself working in the outdoors of his home country.

Corben’s first foray into outdoors work came through the opportunity to work in the Southern Alps creating winter testing facilities for soon to be released vehicles. Later entering the guiding industry, the opportunity to lead thousands of people into the native forests surrounding Rotorua in the North Island allowed Corben to develop the necessary skills and networks to advance a career in this industry. Since then Corben has gone on to lead multi-week tours throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand wih a focus on hiking, nature and must see attractions. He has also led international tours from New Zealand into South East Asia and furthered his work in the mountains of New Zealand by involving himself with the ski industry during the winter months when there is less of a demand for hiking based tourism.

Working on the ground in the industry with tourists has given him a unique insight into the desires of travellers in New Zealand, while visiting the major attractions on many occasions has allowed for him to develop a strong base of knowledge on the best way to approach a holiday in New Zealand.

During his free time Corben is often found hiking in the mountains of the South island, rock climbing at various crags and attempting to master board sports.