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January 13, 2019

Best Golf tip of all time

Easy to execute and highly effective for golfers of all levels.

If you have read any material from some of the old time hall of fame golfers there is a recurring theme. Once you have mastered the basics, golf is 99% in your head. Confidence, clarity of thought and visualizing is almost all they focus on during a round.

There are countless interconnected components of the golf swing that need to be executed in a coordinated sequence of events. At the same time the execution of many of these components takes place in milli-seconds. Any experienced golfer knows that if you try to think about executing more than one component during your actual swing then, disaster is almost guaranteed. It’s a bit like trying to rub your stomach in a circular motion while tapping the top of your head at the same time. Sounds simple but the brain gets confused when asked to control two physical actions at the same time.

On the other hand when you ask your brain to control one single action that is clearly defined and able to be focused on, you pretty much can’t fail. A simple way to test this is to take your right index finger and touch the tip of your nose.

Of course, you have succeeded in perfectly executing this action and you haven’t had to think about how to; extend your finger, bend your elbow, control the speed of your arm or any other mechanics of the movement. In fact, all you thought about was finger-tip to nose-tip.

The golf swing is obviously a bit more complicated than touching your nose but is no different in terms of requiring clarity of purpose and thought. All that should be going through your mind during the swing is club-face square onto the back of the ball. By square I mean the club-face is square to the target line at impact.

If during your swing you are thinking about how to take the club back on plane, or about starting the downswing with a weight shift or anything other than delivering the club-face squarely to the back of the ball, you are probably sending confusing messages to your brain and likely to struggle with consistent and powerful ball striking. So here is the best tip of all time.

Swing the club-face. Don’t try to swing the entire club or even the head of the club. Focus on swinging the club-face at the ball and trying to strike the ball squarely. Don’t think about how, think about the desired result. Don’t think about the takeaway or how your body needs to rotate on the downswing. These are all things that you can focus on in practice and even during practice swings but when its time to hit the ball all you should be thinking about is swinging the club-face at the ball. Your brain will do the rest for you if you let it.

Happy golfing.

Author: david turner