New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

July 09, 2020

If you have an unlimited budget, its easy. Decide what you want to do, where you want to do it and then book flights, hotels and a rental car. If your budget is not unlimited then you are going to have to make some compromises.

Start by deciding what key activities and sights appeal most to you. Try to find an area where much of what you want is close by. Once you identify where you are going, determine whether driving is an option. The potential drawback is the amount of your holiday time it will use up so consider the time it will take to get there and the amount of fuel needed. The benefits of driving is the flexibility in terms of changing plans and having mobility once you arrive. It should also save money.

The second major consideration is accommodation. Do you need a fully serviced hotel/motel or would renting a holiday home be just as good? Often a pleasant home can be rented for noticeably less than a hotel room. For specific outdoor activities you are likely to find a holiday home in much closer proximity than a motel or hotel. The drawback is no service and the requirement to tidy up before you leave.

If you need to be even more frugal could you combine travel and accommodation by renting a motor-home or camper-van? At present, motor-homes are the most affordable they have ever been due to the absence of overseas tourists. Check if there are places where you can park for free overnight, if not, check the availability and cost of overnight stays at holiday parks.

New Zealand is one of the few places where you can build a road trip that is jam packed with sights, attractions and activities within a small distance but still with enormous variety.

Typically, our customers want to rent a camper-van and take in the sights along the way to multiple locations and specific attractions. They want to fly-fish, hike, cycle or golf all along the way. They spend their evenings in friendly holiday parks where they can plug in the motor-home and they fill their days with outdoor activities and visits to unique attractions.

New Zealand has a massive number of golf courses and fishing streams and rivers. There are also world class hiking trails to suit all levels of fitness and lengths of walk. There is skiing, water-sports, remote coastlines, forests, jungles, deserts and geothermal areas. There is something to do almost everywhere including; bungy jumping, jet boat rides, mountain biking trails, normal cycling trails, surfing, beach-coming and much more.

Here are some helpful resources to get started but check our website for more information.

Author: David Turner