New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

November 23, 2019

What fish do you catch in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a bucket list fishing destination particularly for big game fishing and fly fishing for trout.

In the ocean most locals fish for Snapper in the North Island and Blue Cod in the south. There are also multiple varieties that can be caught at the same time including King fish, John Dory, Gurnard, Tarahki, Blue nose, Kahawai, and unfortunately Baracuda, , There are also many species of sharks such as Bronze Whalers that can steal your catch. Further offshore there are Marlin and other game fish popularized by people like Zane Grey who owned a property here specifically to fish for Marlin. Most big game fishing is done from the Bay of Islands in the north. Fishing for Snapper and other species is done along the coast for a large proportion of the country.

New Zealand’s real fishing fame if based on fly-fishing for large trout in rivers and streams. Trout grow large quickly here and a five pound trout in a small stream is not unusual. John Travolta and Jack Nicklaus regularly visited NZ to fish for trophy trout.

Trout up to 20 pounds are getting harder to find as fishing pressure increases but double figure trout are still possible in the right locations. There are also monster trout in the canals where food from the salmon farms escapes and specimens up to 40 pounds have been caught. Check out our trout fishing itineraries on

Author: David Turner