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New Zealand Trout Fishing

If you are an avid fresh water fisherman, you have probably heard about fly fishing in some of New Zealands world famous trout catchments. Places Like Taupo, Rotorua and Nelson are world reknown for large trout. What most people don’t know is that there are an enormous number of streams and rivers in new Zealand that are also great to fish but not well known and seldom crowded with fishermen.

The Central North Island and the Top of the South Island have several lesser known rivers and streams in relatively close proximity. This makes it easy and economical to plan a road trip that covers multiple streams. Most of these fishing locations are near smaller towns but still relatively close to larger centres and tourist attractions.


The most amazing thing about New Zealand is the number of streams that hold fish and the way in which access is gained to those streams. In New Zealand there is legislation known as the Queens chain. A chain is an old measurement (66 feet). Waterways here allow access to the public based on remaining within a chain of the water’s edge. However; you must enter from public land. Thats where we come in. We create self guided itineraries that show you how to locate and access some of the words best trout fishing.

You will need a fishing licence and will have to obey the rules about tackle types, bag limits and fishing methods. Almost all streams allow both fly fishing and spinning but a few are fly fishing only. Fishing licenses can be bought for a day or a weekend or longer periods. One License covers the entire country except for Taupo which requires a separate license.

Most of the streams we will recommend can be easily waded in the summer months. During the warm months you will not need waders. A pair of shorts with long-johns underneath (to keep biting insects and scratching plants off your bare legs) and wading boots is all you will need.

We have self guided Itineraries for all types of fishermen and all budgets, check our North Island and South Island pages for more detail or go straight to our itineraries by clicking below.