New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

If you are an avid fly-fisherman, you have probably heard about fishing the Tongariro river in Taupo or the Nongataha in Rotorua. Perhaps you have seen YouTube clips of fishing on the mighty Mohaka. These famous rivers are as magical as they are portrayed but there are many, many more great fishing opportunities in NZ.

Our self guided itineraries certainly include some of the famous rivers but they also take you to places that are off the beaten track and only fished by locals. Often you will have the entire stream to yourself.

In the Central North Island, the trout are predominantly Rainbows which are more aggressive than Browns and easier to catch but there are also Browns in good numbers. Both grow to similar sizes.

The most popular method of fly fishing in North Island streams is nymphing. Spinning, dry fly and wet fly are all effective in the right conditions but nymphing is successful in virtually all streams and all conditions.

Mornings just as the sun hits the water tends to be the best fishing time in the Central North Island. Typically, 9 am to noon is excellent.

In the peak of summer dry fly can be very effective from mid-afternoon to dusk. This is particularly true during the Cicada hatch.

The streams we will send you to are often fed from or feed into lakes that hold large populations of trout. Using a wet fly at stream mouths in the evening can produce multiple large trout in a short period of time.

No matter what method you prefer or are proficient with, our local knowledge will point you to multiple locations where you will have the opportunity to catch large trout.