New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

If you have been researching golf in New Zealand’s South Island you will probably have seen well known international courses like Millbrook, Clearwater, The Hills, and Jacks point. What you probably haven’t seen is that virtually every small town in New Zealand has a golf course and most of them are good quality courses. They range from cheap and cheerful to magnificent. All of them are very affordable. New Zealand has an unbelievable number of golf courses in relation to the population.

NZ golf prices by word standards are exceptional value. A round of golf can cost as little as $10 and often you deposit your green fee in an honesty box because you are one of a very few people or the only person there at the time. Aside from club competition days there is no need for bookings and even on competition days the smaller clubs will welcome you and ask if you would like to join in.

Our South Island Golf self drive itineraries focus on a combination of affordable and scenic golf in off the beaten track towns that have unique local attractions. Each stop is a special little corner of New Zealand with an affordable golf course where it is easy to get a tee time.

If you want to see the real New Zealand and play lots of hassle free golf this is the trip for you. Get started planning your trip now!