New Zealand Self Drive Adventures

Route Planning

There are two main islands in New Zealand, North island and South Island. The North island is warmer and has more tropical style vegetation. The South Island is colder, more mountainous and has more dramatic geography. In our opinion, the best value in golfing and fishing is in the Central North island and the top of the South Island. There are numerous productive rivers, countless golf courses, plenty of scenic attractions and an abundance of other outdoor activities all in close proximity in these two regions.

Auckland is the main international airport and where you will most likely arrive. More than a million people live in Auckland and like all major cities traffic can be difficult during rush hour. The airport is in the southern part of the city and very close to the freeway that heads towards the route you will travel. Auckland is clean, friendly, safe and a very beautiful city. It’s worth staying in Auckland for a brief period if you so desire but as noted, we suggest you avoid peak hour traffic.

Christchurch is the logical starting point if you want to tour the South Island. We suggest you fly to Christchurch from Auckland and pick up your campervan or rental car there (unless you plan to set aside enough time to tour both islands) Christchurch is not as large or busy as Auckland, but it is a main centre and traffic can get congested.

If you plan to drive from the North island to the South Island there is a 3-hour ferry trip between the islands. The ferry is heavily booked during the school holidays so ensure you book well in advance if you plan to travel on the ferry during late December or January.

We provide itineraries based on local knowledge and experience that start in the major centres but travel off the beaten track through the best locations based on your interests.